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2019 Leadership Development Workshops


Leadership Development: Principles and Practices

Investing in the leadership skills of your organization’s managers and supervisors can significantly increase your chances for success in today’s ever-changing environment. Our program, Leadership Development: Principles and Practices, offers an integrated curriculum consisting of 7 separate, half-day workshops conducted over a multi-week span. Participants can attend each of the 7 workshops, or choose only those tailored to address their unique leadership development needs.

Under the terms of a new grant awarded to us in 2018 by the Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund’s Small Business Direct Access program, most Massachusetts-based companies can send their associates to any of our scheduled workshops at no cost. See the following schedule for workshops planned for 2019:

Workshop Canton Peabody
–Time Management September 19 September 17
–Effective Communications Skills October 3 October 1
–Effective Delegation October 17 October 15
–Coaching and Mentoring October 31 October 29
–Problem-Solving/Decision-Making November 14 November 12
–Dealing with Conflict November 21 November 26
–Building Effective Teams December 12 December 10

Seats for each of the above workshops are extremely limited, so call us at 781.235.0995 or by e-mail for current availability.

Details About Individual Workshops

The Leadership Development program includes the following workshops:


Managing Time Effectively

If you’re going to ask busy executives and managers to dedicate time to develop new leadership skills, you need to give them tools to find more time in their already overbooked schedule. Our time management workshop focuses on the development of effective time management skills, and will help participants gain a greater appreciation for how small changes in their approach to time management can make them more productive.

Effective Communications

Effective communication starts at the top, and executives and managers play a key role, not just in communicating important information but in setting a positive example of effective communication for your company’s other managers and associates. This workshop focuses on both verbal and written communications issues, and includes a section on communicating effectively thought texts and emails.


Delegating for Results

Successful delegation can significantly expand the leverage of executives and managers and increase the overall effectiveness of their organizations. Equally important, delegating responsibilities to others offers important development opportunities for other managers and associates, thereby increasing organizational capabilities. This workshop focuses on small interactive group work that actively explores the challenges of delegation in a range of scenarios.

Effective Coaching Skills

This program provides an introduction to essential coaching and mentoring techniques, and includes individual and group exercises that allow participants to develop effective coaching and mentoring skills.


Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

Effective problem-solving and decision-making are key leadership skills that often distinguish successful leaders from those who are less successful.  This workshop presents and discusses a pyramid framework for problem-solving and decision-making, and provides participants with the opportunity to apply that framework in evaluating and addressing a real-life challenge.

Dealing with Conflict

Conflicts are inevitable in both our business and personal lives. But learning to constructively work through conflicts with others can often lead to stronger, healthier and more productive relationships. In this workshop, participants will gain a fuller appreciation of the different approaches to dealing with conflict, and will engage in roll-plays and other exercises to become more comfortable using different conflict styles.


Building Effective Teams

Based on Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this workshop provides an introduction to the essentials of effective team building, The workshop can be especially useful for small teams of 3-5 people from the same organization, who can collaboratively address team building as it relates to their own experiences.


Want to Learn More?

Additional details about each of our workshops are available at the website of the Massachusetts Training Exchange at To learn more about how can incorporate our Leadership Development workshop program into your company’s employee development efforts, give us a call or contact us by e-mail.